Reputation Management for Your Business

Customer reviews can mean profits for you and insights for potential buyers

If you want your business to succeed at reputation management, look no further than into the mind of your average consumer. We can all agree, that there is no better feeling than receiving service so good, you want to shout it from the rooftops! And, there is nothing worse than feeling so cheated that you’re driven to warn your friend, coworker, mom and even dog to stay away!

And, in today’s digital age, whether a customer has a good or bad experience with your business, how your business handles that feedback will be a true testament to your brand.

Reputation Management with Long-Term Growth In Mind

At Identity Projection, we understand the value of cultivating every single customer relationship. We see this as an opportunity to provide value, grow your customer base and uplift your business’s reputation… all in one shot!

But before you become a slave to endless advertising in an attempt to chase more customers, ask yourself if your business can stand on its own two feet without it.

When customers are coming through your doors, is your business a “one hit wonder” or are you their staple of choice?

If your business can’t attract and retain customers on its own, advertising may not be the best solution. Because, advertising will merely amplify that.

We all know how great of a brand Costco is…when was the last time you saw a Costco commercial?

Win at Reputation Management through Customer Cultivation

  • Email Marketing Campaigns that offer value and keep your business top of mind
  • Blog Articles that creatively educate customers on your unique brand identity
  • Social Media Posts that enrich and inspire action (clicks, shares, and sales)
  • Community Event Promotion that create raving fans and quality referrals
  • Customer Retention methods that keep your ideal customers coming back
  • Review Management that is both profitable to your business and insightful to potential buyers

We believe that no business is “too small” or “too local” to have a Reputation Management Strategy

Identity Marketing Cultivation

  • Get ahead of customer complaints before they hit the review section of prominent search engines
  • Capitalize on your real-life “raving and loyal” customers
  • Solidify your Brand Identity


Bridge the gap between your business’s vision and your brand’s reputation and watch your brand grow. 

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